Thank You For Your Interest In Our Webinar

Thank you for your interest in attending our Canada Relocation  Webinar on Saturday April 1st by 7PM WAT.


You have a just one more thing to do.

We have a WhatsApp webinar waitroom where you can ask further questions before and after the webinar. We will also be sharing IMPORTANT updates there as well.

If that interests you, please click the link below to join the webinar waiting room NOW!

Please Join The Webinar Waitroom By Clicking Right Here

Click this LINK  attend the webinar on APRIL 1st. 

Note: You can click through and click the 'notify me' button so you will be automatically notified when the webinar starts

And one more thing.....

Make sure you save my number (the Admin on the group), and then send me a message with your name so your number can be saved and you will be added to the VIP list as soon as possible!

I will send you updates more updates in the group.

See you inside...