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Frequently Asked Technical Questions

Email Address is now allowed

If you get email address is not allowed, it can either means two things.

Your account has not yet been approved

You cannot access the course area yet.

If it has been more than 24hours and your account is yet to be approved, please reach out to our support. Also, the reason your account is not yet approved might be to the second reason.

You did not fill the form after your purchase

After your purchase of the product, you will recieve email and also get redirected to a form page, you need to fill the form with your purchased email and full name for us to grant your acceess.

If you are yet to fill any form at all, please check your mail for the email you recieved after your purchase, link to the form is already embedded.

Invalid link

You have inserted your email address in the login form and request for login link, you got the login link in your email inbox but while clicking on it, you got invalid link.

The reasons are either you using antivirus or not allowing cookies on your browser.

First, turn off your antivirus and check. Also, you can allow cookies on your browser by following the tutorial below.

For Smartphone
For PC

Test after and let us know if you still have any issues

Login page is blank

If you get to the login page and it is blank without any contents, it can mean three things.

  1. You are using VPN or you connected to a WiFi with private DNS and it is forbidding the contents of the login page from showing… you can try switching the VPN off or connect to another WiFi or use your data to test
  2. You are using antivirus on your phone and some antivirus can prevent the contents of the landing page from showing. Try disabling your antivirus and test
  3. You aren’t allowing cookies on your phone. You need to allow cookies on your browser to be able to access the login form on the login page, to do that… just follow any of the below tutorials to allow cookies on your browser
For Smartphone
For PC

My course/videos are locked/closed

If your course is closed or the course content page is showing padlocks and you get “you don’t have access to this contents” when you try to access a topic or module.

It can only means one thing, it means you aren’t logged in to the course area.

You need to first understand that when you login and left your browser idle for some times, your login session would expired, so if you are logged in and left your phone for some hours and just went back to the course page to continue watching, you might need to go to the login page and login again because your login sessions has already expired.

If you are logging in by using the login form and the course is still closed, allow cookies on your browser and it will be solved

Want to allow cookies on your browser? Check the below guide on how to do so.

For Smartphone
For PC

Do I need to login with my email everytime

YES, you need to request login link from the login page and click on the link in your email every time you want to login to access the course contents.