The SHOCKING Truth About Email Marketing

Seyi Obasi

In a lot of ways, email marketing seems to be dead… or at least old hat. It’s certainly not what the cool kids are up to these days.

Sadly, many people believe the poor perception around email marketing. The truth paints quite a different picture.

I’ve personally met people who have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, yet have no idea on how they’re going to pay their rent. And I’ve met people who have tiny email lists that make very comfortable 6 figures.

Here’s why.

Fact #1 - email is more engaging than social media

Doesn’t matter the metrics you use to track it, email wins hands down, across the board. This is even further true when it comes to click throughs. Thumbing something up or liking something is one thing… clicking on a link and going somewhere is a whole different (better) form of engagement.

Email wins here.

Fact #2 - Email has the highest ROI

Most online businesses spend money on advertising to get new prospects or traffic to their offers and websites. Yet the numbers are clear - if more money was spent on improving the company’s email marketing efforts, there would be a higher return on investment.

This is partly because it’s often the most neglected area in a business. A little bit here can go a long way.

Fact #3: Email out-converts

If you want someone to buy something, across all industries, on average, email will be your highest performing mass-messaging approach. The only thing that beats it is one-on-one, which is powerful but inefficient.

Fact #4: Email is most often the first people check in the morning

…before the news, before social media or before search. And it’s not even close. Over half of all internet users check their email upon first waking up, before looking at anything else online. Let that sink in.

Fact #5: It’s what consumers prefer for marketing communications

Millennials represent the biggest chunk of money being spent online, and 78% of millennials prefer to be marketed to via email than over any other channel. In fact, every demographic over the age of 18 prefers email over other ways of being marketed to online.

So why aren’t people in internet marketing using email, or even bothering to build an email list?

First, email marketing is not (nor has it been for quite some time) a bright, shiny object. It lost its luster about a decade back.

Second, it’s hard. You have to have a reason for someone to give you their email - which can be a lot of work and needs skill to pull off.

Then, you have to know how to craft interesting, compelling email copy. Finally, you have to have the right cadence - meaning sitting down and knocking out a few emails a week to each specific email segment you want to communicate to. 

As I write this, so far I’ve invested 11 minutes in its content. I type somewhat fast and I’ve written hundreds (thousands?) of emails over the years, so it’s easier for me than most.

A well done email from start to finish takes about an hour… and that’s after you have learned the tech that goes into sending out mass emails to a list of people you have permission to market to.



The best way to solve it?

Just start! And learn!!

It’s different from one person to the next. You’d have to work it out

This write-up is meant just to make you think.

But you can just start your own email marketing here: BEST Email Marketing Strategies & TIPS

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