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A few years ago, I was just like you, with a full desire to get a good job that would help me relocate to Canada, but with ABSOLUTELY no idea where to start and what to do to get a genuine job offer!

I was confused and of course, I lost time and money due to my foolishness, desperation to travel and lack of guidance.

Because of my desperation, I was scammed by someone who advertised a job offer advert that looks like the one below:

The offer was too 'juicy to be true' but I was hoping for the best...

......and because I did not know any better.


Alas! It was a scam and I lost a good sum of money!

All in the name of 'sponsored' jobs to Canada!!

And I am almost confident that if you are trying to relocate to Canada, you must have either seen a job advert like the above, been scammed (or almost scammed) or know someone who has been scammed.....all in the name of travelling to Canada!

It breaks my heart to see so many people being scammed of hard earned funds because there are so many scams and fake jobs and people are not sure how to differentiate fake and real jobs

Today I live and work in Canada and I am motivated to help you do the same.

I have learned from my experience, from the experience of others, from networking with recruiters in Canada and from years of study and experetise that.......

......There is a right formula to get GENUINE jobs in Canada

And I want to show you how!

It is apparent that....

There is so much ambiguity and vagueness surrounding how to get genuine jobs in Canada

And  even worse....

There is much less understanding about the Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program and how it can help you get a genuine job in Canada.


Have you been striving so hard to get a job and a work permit to Canada?

Have you been finding it difficult to secure a valid job so far?

Would you like a frank straightforward guide on how to do this?

If all or any of this is a YES, then this is for you…

Please stop wasting time and money and allow me 

show you how to search for and get genuine jobs in Canada.

But I only help serious people who have the determination and will-power to utilize the knowledge and potential in this offer.

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I am delighted to introduce you to.....

A Simple Step By Step Guide To Finding,

Applying To, And Getting Genuine Jobs in Canada

….Without Being Scammed!

What You Are Getting With This Offer

Knowledge of what the Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program in....and how to take advantage of it!

"Magic" tricks of how you can apply for a work permit that can help you relocate to Canada

Unfailing Step by Step Guide On How To Search For REAL Jobs In Canada Under The TFWP (N40,000)

Details of GENUINE recruiters that recruit for these Canada jobs...to avoid you getting scammed by fake and scam recruiters (N50,000)

How to craft your resume/cover letter (Canada style) so you stop applying to many jobs with no results (N25,000)

A Total Value of N115,000

If I was to price it at what it is truly worth, I wouldn’t have any issues asking you to invest N115,000 to get the Canada Japa Work Permit Handbook right now!

Many people actually pay quack agents even triple that amount and get absolutely zero results!!

At N115,000 or even higher, you will still be getting a GREAT DEAL with this Canada Japa Work Permit Handbook


Because you are reading this right now and I know what you may have gone through and how much money you may have spent (with no results) already.….

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Regular GENUINE Job postings (when available) so you avoid scam job posts (N25,000)


Regularly UPDATED list of employers with positive LMIAs (N25,000).....so you know which employer to focus on at each time!

Bonus #3: Access To Me & My Team!

You can reach out to our support team by email when you have issues. We have dedicated and experienced support staff that will guide you (including ME)

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This product can help you to find a genuine job in

Canada if you are prepared to do the work that is required.

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This product can help you to find a genuine job in Canada if you are prepared to do the work that is required.

So unless you are committed and serious about your success and taking action, then please do not sign up.

The Benefits of The Canada Work Permit Route:

  • No age restriction, as long as you are 18 years and above you qualify.
  • You only need a high school diploma - no higher education compulsory.
  • IELTS is usually not a requirement to get a job in Canada.
  • You don’t need work experience except the job requires it
  • You get to work full time over a period of time.
  • Your spouse and children less than 18 years can relocate with you. Your spouse will also get an open work permit to work at any job in Canada.
  • You DO NOT need to pay tuition fees to study in Canada to relocate.
  • This is a route to Canada permanent residency

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    Answers To Some Of Your Questions

Do I Need IELTS?

No, you do not need to take an english language test to get a job in Canada!

Do I need to have a skilled trade before applying?

No, you do not. You just need to meet the requirements of the job you are applying to!

How long does the process take.?

That would depend on the recruiting process

How long is the work permit valid for?

The initial temporary work permit is valid for 6 months or less;

You can  file for extensions from inside Canada.

The maximum time that you will be allowed to stay in Canada through the TFW program is 4 years.

You can qualify for any of the permanent resident routes while you are in Canada (arranged employment.)

What documents do I need to get a job?

The main documents are a CV/Resume (Canada style) and a cover letter. You also need to meet the job requirements.

Is there an age limit to apply?

No. As long as you are 18 years and above

Is there a minimum education to apply?

A high school diploma is the minimum you can use to apply for jobs. However, tit will largely depend on the job requirements.

Can I apply for work permit with my family?

Yes! You are allowed to.

Your spouse and minor children

Your spouse may/may not be allowed to work

Is Express Entry the same as work permit?

No! To process a work permit, you need to have a VALID job offer in Canada. You can process express entry without a job offer

How do I know if I qualify for the job?

Check the job requirements

Am I guaranteed to get a job and a work permit?

Nobody can actually guarantee you a job and work permit. The job comes from an employer and only the Canada IRCC can give a Canada visa. 

If you follow the guide in the handbook, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a job and eventually a work permit

Can you help me get a job?

No, I am not a recruitment agency, but you have the names of genuine agencies that can recruit you. Just follow the guide.

Can you sponsor me and I will pay back when I start work in Canada

No, I do not offer this service

People say it is impossible to get a job from outside Canada

People will always have things to say.

People are getting jobs from outside Canada. I guess you will choose what you want to believe

How long before I get a job offer?

Nobody can answer this question except God.

Getting a job is a process and it is also competitive as there are others trying to get the jobs too. Just apply to as many jobs as you qualify for.

Do you offer any services with this product?

We can help you submit your work permit after you have a genuine job

Will I added to a WhatsApp group to get further guidance?

We have team of experienced team members that can answer your questions via email. The email address will be provided. You will also get my personal WhatsApp contact too.

What do I need to know before starting?

It’s a Job! Its not a permanent residence ‘route’ but it has the potential to be utilized for that 

You don’t need to meet any immigration requirements like the language test

You just need to meet the particular job requirements! Most times, they are requirements you can meet.

Would I need proof of funds? If yes, how much?

You would need to prove that you have enough funds for all your expenses including airfare and accomodation before you receive your first paycheck.

The funds should be enough for yourself and any accompanying family memnbers so we cannot predict how much.

This is a subjective amount you can calculate and demonstrate to the visa officer that it is enough for what you need

How do I get your contact?

Don't worry. When you purchase the product, you will be supplied with my contact details.

So tell me....

Is The Possibility Of Being Able To Relocate To Canada Using A Genuine Work Permit Worth N25,000 To You?

Let's be honest here......

If you want to relocate to Canada with a genuine job, and cannot invest N25,000 for a product that will walk you through the process so you don't make silly mistakes.......

.....then maybe you do not want it that badly (and I say that with no malice because not everyone will actually be able to successfully relocate to Canada)





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