How A 53 Year Old Got Her Canada Study Visa Approved…..And What You Can Learn From Her Experience

by Seyi Obasi
A 2 Minutes Read

I can remember the first day Susan chatted me.

She was so sweet.

She told me about her desire to study in Canada but she was not sure of she was too old or if other routes to Canada would suite her better.

I chatted with her for about 10 minutes and at the end of that conversation, I made up my mind to do everything I could to support her.

Why did I do that?

She was so determined and focused. She had recently left her job and had a growing supplies and catering business. Her business was duly registered with the Nigerian CAC and in my opinion, I did not see any reason why she should not get a study visa approved, despite her age!

We got to work!

Of course, she got the Canada Japa system and with a little guidance from my team, she got admission to do a graduate certificate in a business management program in one of the colleges in Canada

She was eager to start the visa processing and having gone through the module 5 of the Canada Japa System, she was ready to start!

She had already put together her documents and was eager to have me help her refine her statement of purpose which is one of the services we provide on the Canada Japa System

One thing about Susan was her willingness to be guided – we had issues with a few of the documents she provided buts she never complained – she just went about gathering whatever documents she was told to provide.

As far as I was concerned, she had the right attitude and the right documents.

After reviewing all her documents, she put in her application and 12 weeks after that…..it came back approved!

She was over the moon and I could not be happier for her

Today she is in Canada chilling in the snow (lol)

I see so many people worrying about whether the Canada Japa System will suit them because of their age.

This is a 53 year old lady who had a dream of studying in Canada and would not stop until she got her dreams.

What about you?

I hope that story inspires you to pursue your own Canada japa dreams.

If it does not, I will flog you with hot cane 😊

Take care of you


P.S: Want to use the same system that Susan used to get her Canada study visa approved even at 53 years old? You can check it out here: The System Susan Used